5 minutes with Tanya Zealey of Ellivo Architects

February 17, 2016

Our fit out for Place Real Estate in Bulimba is in the media spotlight following it’s recent launch. A fantastic result was achieved with great use of UCI‘s Muffle product. Check out their Blog which Interviews our own, Tanya Zealey, head of Ellivo Interiors here (excerpt below). Thank’s UCI for the honour!

Photos of the fit out to come, sneak peak after the jump.

5 minutes with Tanya Zealey of Ellivo Architects

Feb 2016

UCI Queensland recently completed a project with Ellivo Architects for Place Real Estate.  The fit-out was so exceptional with the use of Muffle throughout that we simply had to interview Tanya Zealey, Associate Director of Interiors at Ellivo who worked closely with UCI to achieve a beautiful end result.

UCI: We love the use of Muffle throughout the Place Real Estate office.  What made you choose Muffle for the workstation screens as well as the meeting pods?

TZ: Our client’s priorities were strongly focused on creating privacy and sound separation amongst teams, which is not easy with so many people working in one space.  We immediately thought of the Muffle product for its softness and acoustic properties.  Once we showed the client the workstations and screens they were instantly impressed. Muffle offered softness, detail and dealt with the practical needs of their staff. It also presents beautifully within the space becoming the feature on its own which suited our aesthetic needs.  We all aimed for using a system that didn’t look like a sea of workstations – with the muffle in use the space feels sophisticated and welcoming so is ticking all the boxes.

UCI: You have used various heights of Muffle screening on the workstations.  What was the reasoning for the different heights for this particular fit-out/client?

TZ: The higher screens were intended so that passers-by couldn’t peer over the screen and also so that the other end of the office is not visible from the other. Again the focus was on removing the usual office feel. Within the team areas we utilised the smaller and removable screens so that users are able to pop them on and off easily as they require allowing them to personalise their space.  This also enables Place to vary the amount of staff within pods as they grow without any loss of privacy.

UCI: What was your favourite part about working with Muffle?

TZ: Muffle worked hand in hand with the vision for the entire office which was to create something most unlike a typical office.  When you step into Place you enter a luxurious home environment that immediately welcomes and relaxes where the function of reception is discrete.  Beyond the home the working area was also required to continue the soft and welcoming working space. It was really rewarding to find a system that addressed our need for a softer homely feel within workstation teams and be able to extend this through to the reception area. It was also exciting to be the first Australian project to use the muffle and understand what was could be achieved with all the varied pieces and finishes.

UCI: What is the overall response to the fit-out from your client?

TZ: Place absolutely love their new home! The front of house home provides them with relaxed meeting areas and beyond they have a dedicated desk each (they have not had this space for a long time) and two staff breakout & meeting areas.  Being able to design the footprints of each work point to be very efficient enabled us to give so much more back to the design of the breakout spaces. Both clients and staff are impressed by their new space and the user-friendly environment, which could not have been achieved without the Muffle.