February 15, 2016

DHA’s recent relocation from an oversized space in the suburbs provided their team with a refreshing new home and also required a fairly significant change in the way they work. Their new home provides a shared informal reception, a large café, adjacent meeting room and boardroom which can open up into a large entertaining area by operable walls. The interiors team also had the opportunity to incorporate multiple graphics throughout the fitout. The project was delivered on a modest budget and in a very tight time frame.

MCP_ELLVO_DHA_1115_093 MCP_ELLVO_DHA_1115_072 MCP_ELLVO_DHA_1115_061 MCP_ELLVO_DHA_1115_055 MCP_ELLVO_DHA_1115_050 MCP_ELLVO_DHA_1115_040 MCP_ELLVO_DHA_1115_031 MCP_ELLVO_DHA_1115_019 MCP_ELLVO_DHA_1115_015 MCP_ELLVO_DHA_1115_014 MCP_ELLVO_DHA_1115_010 MCP_ELLVO_DHA_1115_115 MCP_ELLVO_DHA_1115_109 MCP_ELLVO_DHA_1115_099 MCP_ELLVO_DHA_1115_097