August 19, 2016

We’d like to thank everyone who attended our annual party to celebrate Ellivo 18 years in design! We hope you all had a fantastic night.

A big thank you to those who helped make the event awesome: Dalton Hospitality Bespoke Catering & Events – Catering, Sambalicious – Brazillian entertainment, Coisa Linda – Band, The Fringe Dweller – Props, Transplant – Plants.

160804-0181a-wprasek-Party decorations

160804-0072a-wprasek-Ellivo staff group shot

160804-0717a-wprasek-Party guests

160804-0645a-wprasek-Party guests

160804-0610a-wprasek-Party guests

160804-0592a-wprasek-Party guests

160804-0588a-wprasek-Party guests

160804-0585a-wprasek-Party guests

160804-0573a-wprasek-Mason with guests

160804-0566a-wprasek-Scott with guests

160804-0559a-wprasek-Party guests

160804-0545a-wprasek-Party guests

160804-0536a-wprasek-Party guests

160804-0528a-wprasek-Mason and Scott and the dancing girls

160804-0508a-wprasek-Scott speech

160804-0400a-wprasek-Brazillian samba dance girls with guests

160804-0378a-wprasek-Brazillian samba dance girls with guest

160804-0367a-wprasek-Brazillian samba dance girls with guests

160804-0366a-wprasek-Brazillian samba dance girls

160804-0202a-wprasek-Party decorations

Photographer – Warren Prasek from Xoodu.