Introducing Nero Newstead

June 10, 2016

Introducing Nero Apartments at Newstead. Consisting of 107 apartments over 10 storey’s, this building’s architectural expression seeks to create a more homogeneous approach to the apartment typology in its evolving context of Newstead. The apartment balconies have been confined within the continuous façade, and combined with the tectonic façade screen at the lower apartment levels, this results is a form that offers a sculptural contribution to the suburb. The material selections of tile, metal and aluminium screening draw upon those more akin to hotel typologies to deliver a more sleek and opulent development.

Nero_Doggett St Facade (small)

Nero_Amenity_TEPPANYAKI (small)

Nero_Amenity_POOL (small)

Nero_Amenity_LOBBY LIBRARY (small)

NERO_Residence_Living_Dark (small)

Nero_Residence_Terrace (small)

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Interior Design by Daniella Rowles Design.