Will Virtual Reality Improve Design?

December 03, 2015

Will virtual reality improve design?

Over recent months, Ellivo has been exploring how Virtual Reality can be used to improve our design communication process.

This new 3D visualization process (which has evolved from gaming software) enables anyone with a Smartphone to immerse themselves in the Virtual World of the designer, seeing buildings and interiors as they are being designed.

Virtual Reality in the design studio

We have been able to convert our 3D Revit software into a viewing format that enables clients and consultants to better understand their project, even at early stages of design resolution.

Although still in early stages of development, we have found when our clients view a Virtual Reality model of their project, they are quickly able to visualize how the building’s spaces will look when completed.


Above image: Virtual reality retrived from

How you can access Virtual Reality

Our Ellivo viewing goggles provide easy access into the world of Virtual Reality by simply clicking on a web link. Anyone with access to smartphone and a VR headset can visit our virtual reality page and immerse themselves into featured projects created by the office.

At this stage we have established single viewpoints, but are exploring new improved technology that will enable the user to ‘walk-through’ the building model, moving from room to room.

And yes, there has been interest expressed from marketing agents to see how Virtual Reality could help sales by placing the purchaser inside their virtual apartment, however we believe there is more work to be done before this becomes a practical sales strategy.

If you would like to know more about Virtual Reality, please contact Sean Gill at or drop into Ellivo’s Design Studio and collect a complementary headset.

This article was written by Sean Gill and Scott Whiteoak.

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