YOUR NEW OFFICE FITOUT: Do you have the right team onboard?

August 05, 2015

Have you ever wondered how much better your business could look and function in a new space? Or how much more effective your teams could be if given the perfect space to collaborate and work at their best?

And what if you could have the fitout of your dreams at minimal upfront cost and disruption?

Ellivo Architects and Acorpp outline a strategy to get the best looking & functioning office fitout with an outstanding leasing deal in this current market:

Essentially, we suggest this is achieved this is by a Tailored Solution with better Collaboration.

Some businesses owners may view the finish of their current lease with some trepidation, not realizing they are now in a rare negotiating position. While some may elect to stay in their current space and have their business ‘carry on’, rather than thrive, others will grasp the opportunity to reposition their business for the next stage of growth. Why the difference? Often because of the falsely held belief that they cannot afford a new fitout. And also, perhaps, because some may not understand that an old fitout will not adequately support today’s work environment.

The real question is: can a forward-looking business owner afford not to update?

Redchip Lawyers Fitout by EllivoAbove Image: Redchip Lawyers Office, Newstead by Ellivo Architects

Your office fitout is a reflection of your values:

Today’s office space is required to fulfil many functions; Naturally it is a place for staff to work, but also to meet with clients and transact business, and also to support the culture and encourage the exchange of ideas. The workspace has changed enormously in the last ten years. Spaces may now include areas for staff relaxation, casual meeting areas for short meetings away from desks, client-focused areas, and all with a high level of integrated technology. The most progressive office spaces will be even more people-focused, and may include areas for dining, exercising, collaborating and interacting.

‘Work’ has changed and is now undertaken in many different ways to suit each businesses. A business simply cannot move into an existing office fitout without incurring inefficiencies down the track.

We believe that business-owners & decision-makers should be considering:

– Am I an employer of choice?
– Are my staff happy, and do they enjoy coming to work?
– Am I keeping up with the technology & work environments?
– What is my competition offering?
– Do my clients enjoy coming to my office, and how and how
much more efficient would it be if more came?
– Can we be a leader in our market with our current office
– Is there someone that could better negotiate a favourable
lease than me?

While these big issues are being considered, some preliminary investigations can be undertaken.

4 critical steps prior to committing to a lease

After completing a range of successful fitouts, we have found that the best outcomes occur when your consultant team have closely collaborated with the client from day one.

We believe the 4 critical steps are:

1. Work with your designer to determine your ideal fitout brief
and area requirements;
2. Engage a tenant advisor to research the available space
and locations for your review;
3. Have your designer undertake quick ‘test fit’ layouts for
the best lease options, to determine suitability;
4. Have the tenant advisor then undertake the detailed
hard negotiations on your behalf to get the best deal;

And then you can proceed with the design, documentation, and construction of your new fitout, confident that the location, deal, and space is the most suitable for you.

A more detailed explanation of these activities has been outlined below, as often ‘the devil is in the detail’:

MCP_ELLV_MH_0514_056Above Image: Mahoney Lawyers Office, Brisbane by Ellivo Architects

So, how can my business benefit from the current market situation?

Much of this comes down to having the right team working together, looking after your interests. Amongst the many consultants we work with, a good tenant advisor is critical. They are experienced professionals who negotiate leases and compare deals on the client’s behalf. They work to streamline this process and the small investment in their service often returns a brand new fitout with little or no outlay from the client. We prefer to work as a team from the initial discussions, to help clients develop the brief, assess the options, perform test fits and eventually move these client into their new homes. That’s why property consultancy services can be so useful for companies looking to make an office move.

The role of an experienced property consultant:

The key role of a property consultant is to identify the right property for you, conduct viewings, advise on suitability, provide cost analysis, negotiate terms, and liaise with both solicitors and clients. That’s a lot of expertise to be able to call on in order to achieve the best result.

An in-depth knowledge of requirements with regard to timing, size, budget, lease length and specification is invaluable to assessing which properties might work for your business. Without this you can’t be confident you are making the best decision.

A detailed cost analysis will also help you to establish if the move is financially viable in both the short and long term. And having the negotiating skills to establish more favourable financial conditions is also essential for getting the best deal.

MCP_ELLV_MH_0514_018Above Image: Mahoney Lawyers Office, Brisbane by Ellivo Architects

The design and feel of your office is ultimately an expression of your company values. If well designed, it can be an exciting and energetic space, and help to attract great staff and clients.

The simple fact is that most companies will only rent commercial property a small number of times during their business career. Yet conversely, landlords and commercial property agents make a living from doing it time and time again. Having the inside knowledge and market experience of an agent or landlord gives them a huge advantage in commercial property leasing, which is why so many tenants end up occupying space that is on favourable terms to the landlord.

Pay less, get more

In short, getting the best leasing deal is the most compelling reason to use property consultancy services. Every dollar saved on commercial rents goes straight to your bottom line. Having an expert or team of experts representing your financial interests will save you money in the long run. So on the few occasions you do need to move, you know you’re getting the best deal possible.

Currently the Brisbane market is flooded with vacant space, so options are endless and incentives are high. It is possible to have all the benefits of what looks unachievable with minimal capital outlay and maximum benefit.

And using an experienced design team to create the best opportunities from the space is critical to delivering the unique solutions that are individual to each client.

And finally, this is how our clients are experiencing their new office fitouts:

The following feedback has been received from our clients after moving into their new fitouts:

1. There is a new energy amongst staff and visitors regarding
their new space.
2. Sick leave has reduced.
3. Staff interaction and culture has improved.
4. Staff are proud of where they work and they’re talking to
others about it and inviting clients in.
5. There are a variety of spaces for different uses reducing the
pressure on the boardrooms and meeting rooms because
there are other places to use.

If these outcomes are appealing, we would be welcome the chance to discuss how we could achieve a similar result for your business.