ellivo (Studio Journal)

14.02.2017 (Blog)

We're Moving... The Journey Begins!

It’s February, and 2017 is truly amongst us.

Over the past 6 months we’ve been discovering ways to make it easier for you to understand what we do, how we work and who we are.

With our paint brushes out, we’re giving Ellivo a fresh lick of paint, and inviting you to follow us on our journey along the way.


our new website
( is coming in march )

Unlike any other, our website will be a place for you to dig deeper into what we’re about, a way for us to share our experiences and day-to-day observations.

we’re moving
( to a new studio in april )

Our new studio will be a place for everyone – we’ve designed it for you, not just us.

(And no, it’s not going to be all black!).


stay tuned
( we can’t wait )