About Us

Ellivo Architects are experienced Commercial, Mixed-use and Residential architects based in Brisbane, Australia. The Ellivo Architects team has been working together with its local and national clients since 1998.

We are passionate about design, creative with the use of space, and ardent about achieving balance between development goals and architectural outcomes.

To us, great design is only valuable when it is delivered successfully as built form, becomes available as usable space, and provides an impressive yet functional interior. We make it our priority to meet the needs of those who build, lease and buy so that spaces are more than just aesthetically pleasing architecture. We pride ourselves on “designing success”.



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Ellivo’s 4 Days in Singapore

September 13, 2016

Just last month, 18 excited Ellivians embarked on a whirlwind study tour to Singapore, immersing themselves in a smorgasbord of world-class tropical architecture. To experience … read more

Goodness Gracious Cafe by Ellivo

How Brand, Culture and Identity is expressed through Graphics…




October 26, 2016

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October 25, 2016

A few shots taken last week at Vantage on the Gold Coast. Great to see the scaffolding coming down on Buildings 1 & 2 (“Dusk” … read more


Thank you McCullough Robertson for the opportunity to be involved in the Property Industry Foundation’s National Hard Hat Campaign “Lego Building Challenge”. Money raised from … read more