ellivo (People)

Our studio is full of thinkers and doers.
We’re a diverse family of creative people
ready to bring our culture of enthusiasm
to your project.

Scott Whiteoak


Studio Overlord

Scott has focused his extensive architecture career on creating an inclusive and vibrant design team that delivers logical and successful architectural outcomes for his clients in the South East Queensland region.

Scott’s ideal home includes: Privacy & silence for contemplation, contact with the ground, and a range of internal / external spaces to suit the climate, seasons, and your mood.

Mason Cowle


Leading out the studio or the peleton

"Architecture does not exist by itself but is rather the outcome of the qualities of the site, a client’s wants and needs and the policies that shape the city."

Likes: flow, connection with outdoors, cats, riding really big hills, rusted steel.

Tanya Zealey

Associate Director

Design Leader, baker, loves a chat

Everyday to me is about getting the best out of whatever I am doing and putting a smile on other’s faces. In design (my everyday) this means bringing great people together to make the best of whatever we are given while making sure we have fun along the way.

Wine and laughter are the best (Tan) medicine. If you need a favour come with something French or Italian.

Daniel Volpato


Detail fiend, Small town origins

Dan joined Ellivo in 2002 and is a key lead member of the studio. He aims to achieve a comfortable balance between functionality and aesthetics whilst continuously elevating the client's brief to achieve a result which exceeds their initial expectations.

Dan is a serious Salami snob.

Michael Small


Cycling Enthusiast, Curious Creator, Peanut Lover

In the end, I believe that Architecture is about how someone feels when they experience a place, and the positive impact it has on their lives. With a focus on creativity, practicality and attention to detail, I am passionate about delivering timeless architecture that balances a client's vision with the needs of the end users. Working smarter, not harder, I constantly strive to find the most effective ways for any given task.

Mick has ridden a stage of the Tour De France through the Pyrenees (not with the pros!)

Lisa Schiffermuller


Creative Soul, Lover of Sundays

To me, design is so much more than a pretty, well placed finish. It is about being inspired by your surroundings and taking each client on their own journey. From the initial ideas through to seeing the design come to life, the whole experience is an exciting one. My passion and drive for design extends from interiors into graphics. I love a hands on & artist approach when getting creative.

AKA Lenny (which came about due to a bad Lenny Kravitz rendition). Serious coffee addict.

Matt Martoo


AIA Award Winner, Watch Collector, Dog lover

Matt Martoo is a designer who is motivated by working with seriously creative people. As an associate architect at Ellivo, Matt’s key passion is for provoking more responsive and innovative design solutions to provide more meaningful places for people.

Matt can also play both the piano and saxophone.

Sally Taylor

Finance Manager

Team player and animal lover

Sally is Ellivo's Finance Manager and started with the company in May 2005. She enjoys working with the staff and Leadership Team. Sally counter balances all of the creatives in the office with her attention to detail regarding everything financial.

Sally loves to travel, eat Italian food and drink wine while catching up with friends.

Nick Kirk

Experienced Architectural Graduate

Adelaidian, Marathon Runner

Nick is passionate about the progression of site specific architecture that engages with its end user, whilst adding to the built and natural environments it sits within. He seeks to create innovative, considered design solutions, while striving to go above and beyond client expectations.

Nick is the current Honey Puff Eating State Champion (QLD).

Kate Smith


Designer by Day, Ninja by Night

Kate brings over a decade of experience to Ellivo, particularly as a project architect for residential and hospitality projects. With design skills complemented by her exposure to bespoke detailing, heritage building refurbishments, and commercial fit-outs, Kate is able to work across both interior and architectural projects.

Kate has ridden an ostrich.

Jen Cowle

Office Manager

QMS Manager, Spelling Fanatic

Jen has been with Ellivo since 1999. She works closely with the Leadership Team and helps to manage the busy office. Jen loves to do all the things that architects hate doing – QA, arranging meetings, and making sure all the admin side of the business is done properly.

Jen loves cycling, so much so it’s a bit of an obsession, riding most mornings a week.

Rory Pope

Architectural Graduate

Full time space cadet, part time architect

 Only when we have some clarity on who we want to be, can we design a world that will facilitate the underlying vision of reality that will inherently create us.

On Rory's journey floating through the endless universe, he has finally realised that the only thing he knows, is that he knows nothing.

Bram Chapman

Architectural Graduate

The beach is ok. Sometimes I decide to go.

Architecture is a collection of parts organised to make a whole. As architecture becomes more global we must rethink and critically analyse how these elements are arranged. Responding to climatic, cultural and economic forces.

Writing this profile was one of the hardest things I have ever accomplished.

Olivia Chesterton

Mid-Tier Interior Designer

 A creative and a serious music lover

As designers, we have the opportunity to change the built environment around us. Olivia places a huge focus on creating a full experience for the user, through combining her love for interior and graphic design.

If you can't find me, I'm probably at a music concert.

Alana Muir

Senior Architect

 Music, art and nature lover

I believe that successful design achieves more with less through thoughtful consideration and respect for the environment and those which inhabit them.  I love working with clients in delivering both the small and intimate to the grand and highly detailed across commercial, residential and educational sectors.

Being an avid scuba diver, Alana's ultimate trip would be in space

Liehan Janse van Rensburg


Leeehaaan. Speaks three languages; still can't find the words to express how he feels

 I am particularly interested in public space as an unselfish 'giving back' to the community. Good public spaces respond to the history of a place, while also having the power to foster new cultures, patterns and a sense of belonging. I am detail-oriented and like to think how small considerations, like a bench seat near an entry, can create a sense of ownership and blur the boundaries of private and public space.

Born in South Africa, Liehan used to have a pet Meerkat.

Josephine Pratt

Architectural Graduate

Chocophine, Francophone

Josephine is passionate about climatically responsive design within our sub-tropical climate. During her masters she undertook a design studio in Brazil to learn about sub-tropical architecture in a city that sits on the same latitude as Brisbane yet has a different cultural overlay.

Josephine can tell the difference between an Alpaca and a Llama

Keely Jover

Studio Assistant

My hair is full of secrets.

Keely helps keep the office running smoothly, most importantly, being the lolly jar replenisher and coffee dealer to all the addicts around the office.

Loves: Walks on the beach, rosé, social Sundays. Hates: being called Kelly.

Chelsea Pilkington

Senior Interior Designer

Traveller, dog lover & coffee enthusiast

Chelsea believes in continually being inspired by the surrounding environment. Her attention to detail is integral to producing unique design outcomes that reflect the client and enhance the users lives.

Always keen for an espresso martini

Erin Fanning


Rock climber, dog addict, wine drinker, traveller, book reader, design lover

Erin is passionate about climate appropriate, flexible, sustainable design that sits within its context but isn’t afraid to make a statement. She believes strongly in approaching all challenges with an open and creative mind and takes great pleasure in working with a team to bring projects from concept  to reality.

Erin speaks 'animated' Español when drinking red wine.

Courtney Rix

Interior Designer

Book lover, adventurous, wannabe triathlete.

I believe good design is more than just a pretty space. It is a considered balance between beauty, practicality but most importantly the connection to the end user and the surrounding context

Mostly calm, but surprisingly sassy. Always has a cuppa in hand.

Hannah Le Sage


Netball, adventure, fake tan addict.

Hannah works closely with the digital media and leadership team whilst making sure the office is running smoothly. Most importantly, she makes a mean charcuterie board for all in-house events

It's great to be a blonde. With low expectations it's very easy to surprise people.

Kelsey Cowle

Architectural Graduate

Hiking, red wine, cycling and cat lover

On a more serious note Kelsey enjoys the balance between architecture and interior design – from the larger scale down to bespoke details to bring a personal touch.

Most of the time Kelsey’s design process is just asking herself ‘can I see myself having a glass of wine here?’