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Who Are We?

We’re a diverse family of creative people (who have
a lot of fun doing what we do). What matters the
most to us is to create meaningful spaces and places
for people. To us, it’s not about what architecture is,
it’s about what architecture does.

(We Seek) Genuine Partnerships

Genuine partnerships are built on a clarity
of purpose and shared goals. We search for
alignment with our clients and consultants
of our ambitions and creative culture.

(And) Meaningful Places

Place is the interaction of people, space and meaning. It’s about connecting these multi-dimensional experiences to deliver something special.

(That Enable) Positive Cultures

Culture is the glue that binds our communities,
organisations, groups and families together. We
believe that design has a powerful influence over
culture; it can create, extend and transform people
and the communities they live in.

(Which Shape) Richer Lives

Life is complex and different things matter to
different people. We want people to love what we
create and strive to create meaningful experiences
that really matter in people’s lives.

(It’s not about the building)
It’s about the architecture of what matters.

How We Do It

  1. Understand the People

    We constantly search for opportunities to enrich the lives of the end user. We seek stories from everyone - from the client to the end user, and unpack the journey. These stories are the keys that unlock deep understanding of a project. Simply put, what matters is listening.
  2. Define Opportunities

    As we unpack the stories we are looking for tensions, surprises and insights. By translating what we’ve heard and seen into defined opportunities, we create powerful areas of focus for ideation. What’s really happening? What are the unmet needs? Why are people behaving in this way? What really matters?
  3. Ideate

    How Might We…? This is the simple question that we ask. We use different methods and approaches to create a raft of ideas that address the unmet needs of the user. We focus on delivering meaningful experiences not objects. It’s about building on each other’s thoughts and inspirations.
  4. Prototype + Test

    Favoured ideas are selected, we then build prototypes and test them with users. What works, what doesn’t, what questions need to be asked? It's an iterative process, we build on what we learn and we learn from what we build. Does what we’ve created matter?
  5. Tell the Story

    In the end the best experience is a good story and we live for storytelling. We tell the story of the challenge and how it impacted the lives of our users. We tell the story of change and how we brought new meaning and delight. We tell the story of what matters.

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