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23.08.2017 (Research)

Design Your Downsize

Ellivo Asks: "What Do Downsizers Want?"

Helping the supply match the demand

With Ellivo’s increasing involvement in the seniors’ housing sector and our focus on the end user, we wanted to better understand what prospective residents actually wanted, so we could apply more informed design solutions to our clients’ projects.

With that in mind, early this year we conducted a national survey of seniors’ attitudes to retirement communities. We asked over 500 of them – from their 50s to their 80s – what most deterred them from moving into one and what they’d most like to see featured should they be tempted to make the move.

The stylish, well-adorned entryway to Vantage provides a "welcome home" entry experience for residents.

The research identified a large disconnect between the lifestyle aspirations of seniors and what many of the current Retirement Village operators were providing.

Those findings have been shared at the Property Council’s Retirement Living Conference, and we have also been privately briefing a number of developers and RL providers in recent weeks.

At the same time, we were fortunate to be involved with a number of successful residential developments that provided amenity and lifestyle aspirations that paralleled our research findings.

Given that the average age when a senior enters a Retirement Community is around 74, we realised there is a growing opportunity to provide alternative residential options for the 55 – 75 year old downsizers who want an improved quality of life but choose not to live in a retirement community.

The communal recreation areas at Vantage suggest a resort experience for residents who are seeking a relaxed lifestyle.

As part of Ellivo’s continuing research, we are currently undertaking a more detailed survey to ‘Design your Downsize’, and help refine the ideal design brief for successful residential projects for seniors looking to downsize. This will help de-risk developments targeting this group and also mean that capital and time isn’t wasted on things we presume downsizers want but which in reality they don’t value.

If you would like to know more about the research or findings and how they may impact on your next development, please give Scott Whiteoak a call on 07) 3188 7979 or drop him an email scottw@ellivo.com

Units at Enclave, Wynnum are light filled, open and airy. Large kitchen and living spaces are a must for residents who do not want to compromise their home-comforts.