ellivo (Studio Journal)

04.08.2023 (Ellivo TALKS)

ep 07. Technology isn't creative. We are

“It’s all the people that we work with on projects day in day out. But it’s also about the people who we’re designing for.”

Mick Small (Associate Director)

At the heart of our work are the people we collaborate with.  To achieve the best outcome for a project, we firmly believe in a humble and collaborative approach with every stakeholder involved. We thrive when clients actively participate in the process, accompanying us every step of the way. It is as much about the end user’s that we are designing for, as it is those that we align with on the journey.

“The studio has been designed in such a way that it reflects what we’re trying to deliver. There’s no ‘back of house’. We want everyone to feel comfortable to engage with the studio.”

Mick Small (Associate Director)

We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology, constantly adapting and enhancing our approaches. By continuously advancing the tools in our collection, we enable ourselves to innovate and ideate in our designs.  Our design process is a continual dialogue between designing from the inside out and responding to numerous external variables. Understanding the crucial role that the external fabric of our buildings plays on the environment, the internal comfort of the occupants and the overall identity of our projects, we integrate technology at every step of the way to maximise the outcome.


Fundamental to this approach is the physical environment in which we operate. Our studio has been carefully curated in a way that invites everyone into the process and dissolves the traditional barriers of a ‘back of house’. The diversity of space aims to create an atmosphere that cultivates authentic collaboration. By breaking down these barriers, real connections with every team member working on a client’s project are fostered.